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Flight Training at Van Nuys just minutes from Los Angeles

About Us

US Aviators is a premier pilot training facility dedicated to helping you achieve your aviation goals. Here at US Aviators your passion for flying comes together with our team of highly trained individuals, cutting edge technology, current industry requirements, and well maintained aircraft to help you become a pilot. We offer the best value in Southern California for professional flight instruction and aircraft rental services. If you want to fly we can help you.

We offer:

  • Flight Training
  • Full Motion Simulator
  • Aircraft Rentals
  • Pilot/Gift Shop
  • Testing Center

Mission Statement

US Aviators offers the highest quality of aviation training that is both affordable and reliable. We pride ourselves in providing and promoting a safe and effective learning environment that meets and exceeds all FAA regulations. Our objective is to facilitate our student's goals through an environment that caters to their learning style while maintaining the highest levels of instruction and accountability. US Aviators adheres to all FAA safety standards and ensures safety first, by providing a well maintained fleet. At US Aviators our students come first. US Aviators' mission is to provide a superior level of training with a focus on safety and accommodation.


Centrally located in Van Nuys California we are just minutes from Los Angeles and the Valley. Train at Van Nuys California and be prepared to fly anywhere in the world. The Van Nuys airport is the busiest general aviation airport in the world, VNY (Van Nuys Airport) averages close to 400,000 takeoffs and landings annually. US Aviators is located in the northwest corner of the field with ample parking. At US Aviators your time is important! Conveniently use our online flight schedule to book our planes from anywhere and know your plane will be waiting for you.