Cookie Exchange!

A good time was had by all. Our annual Holiday party went off with a smashing hit! So glad to see all our friends and US Aviators family.

Jorge Earns His Wings!

Way to go Jorge who passed his private pilot check ride! Congratulations to Jorge for earning his wings!!!!

In the words of Captain G , “ Making good pilots left and right congrats Jorge!!!! This is what US AVIATORS is all about!!!”.

Tony’s Incredible Instrument

Way to go Tony Goldberg who passed his instrument!!!!! Just one more accomplishment for Tony!!! Tony was instructed by Captain G and Troy!

Jumping For Joy!

Jumping for Joy at US Aviators!!!
Join the fun enroll for flight lessons today!!!

Rod’s Rad Solo!

Way to go Rod on an amazing First Solo!!!! Rod has only been flying with us for a month and has taken to the sky like a bird!!!! Way to go!!! Kudos to Rod and Troy!!!! Troy his amazing CFII and MEI who is his instructor!

The Word is Out!

Look what customers on Groupon and Living Social  have to say about their experience with US Aviators.  Good job TEAM!!! :)


Some people sport jerseys of their favorite team here at US Aviators we show our Aviator pride with these hard earned US Aviators’ shirts. Goooo Aviators!!!! Yay!!!

Flying Great Amelia

Way to go Amelia who passed her Instrument Check Ride! This is just one accomplishment of many more for Miss Amelia. I of course can’t end this post without a smiley face, so this one is for you Amelia —> :) (Amelia knows what I’m talking about)

Write it Right!

Kudos goes out to Larry Wong who passed his Instrument written! The check ride is next :)


While some people worry whether or not their shoes match their handbags we rock it on another level, we match our airplane to our dress.