Pink Lady Pilots Club

Jumping For Joy!

Jumping for Joy at US Aviators!!!
Join the fun enroll for flight lessons today!!!

Flying Great Amelia

Way to go Amelia who passed her Instrument Check Ride! This is just one accomplishment of many more for Miss Amelia. I of course can’t end this post without a smiley face, so this one is for you Amelia —> :) (Amelia knows what I’m talking about)


While some people worry whether or not their shoes match their handbags we rock it on another level, we match our airplane to our dress. 

Having Fun!

Have fun and learn to fly!
The sky is the limit!

Stephanie’s Super Checkride

Hooray for Stephanie!!! Stephanie Galan took her check ride this lovely Thursday afternoon with Mark Boss. We are so proud of our youngest Pink Pilot Certificate Holder!!! That’s right this young lady has earned her wings. Stephanie likes flying N8308L, so if you this blue bird in the sky please feel free to wave it may be Stephanie. We are so proud of you Stephanie. Stephanie is truly a member of the US Aviators family!


Stephanie’s Wonderful Written

Kudos goes out to Stephanie Galan for successfully passing her written. Stephanie is preparing for her private pilot certificate and took her written Monday January 21st. Way to go girl!!! Can’t wait to celebrate her private pilot check-ride, which I’m sure isn’t too far away. 


Join the BEST flight club in Van Nuys the Pink Lady Pilot, where PIC stands for Pink Pilot In Command!!! The Pink Lady Pilots is an all girl flight club based out of US Aviators Flight School. If you like to fly, have fun, and make new friends this could be the club for you. There are no fees or requirements. The only requirement is to have fun.