Rod’s Rad Solo!

Way to go Rod on an amazing First Solo!!!! Rod has only been flying with us for a month and has taken to the sky like a bird!!!! Way to go!!! Kudos to Rod and Troy!!!! Troy his amazing CFII and MEI who is his instructor!

Shadi’s Splendid Solo

Saturday April 27th Shadi Absi took to the sky and completed his solo on N8308L. Shadi is being instructed by Zack. It was definitely
eventful with a closed run away, still he didn’t let that stop him and he pulled it off! Way to go Shadi!!!

Jorge Solo!

Kudos goes out to Jorge Huerta for completing his 1st initial solo. It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon here at US Aviators and great weather for a solo. Jorge has worked with Guillermo, Zack, and Saad. We are all very proud of Jorge and excited to see him accomplish more goals very soon!

Stephanie Solo Spectacular!

Congratulations Stephanie Galan on her amazing solo. This past Friday US Aviator student pilot Stephanie flew N8308L like a true pro. While the entire team gathered at the redline to witness her aviation triumph
we collectively counted 1, 2, 3! She did all three touchdowns! Her mother Charo watched with Captain G from the observation deck! We are so proud of Stephanie! You go girl! Stephanie is also a member of the Pink Ladies’ Club.

Tony’s Terrific Solo!

Congratulations Tony Goldberg on successful solo! Tony performed his amazing solo this Thursday August 16th on N8308L. Tony is officially an US Aviator now!

Larry Wong’s Wonderful Solo

Congratulations Larry for his outstanding Solo!Larry is training with Captain G and we are happy to celebrate one of many successes in Larry’s flight career.

Sam Super Solo

Way to go Mr. Samuel Shaw on a fantastic first solo! Sam is training with Captain G. We look forward to Sam’s successful check ride soon! Congratulations Sam!

John’s Solo

Kudos goes out to John Downing who did his solo this Saturday June 2nd in N8308L. John has been training with Captain G. Good job guys!

Brandon’s Solo

Congratulation to Brandon Hart for a his first solo!
Brandon flew N2774J at Van Nuys. Brandon has been training with Captain G and his dad Steven Hart! We are so proud of him. This is the first of many successful accomplishments for Brandon in his path to a career pilot!

Tony’s Solo!

Way to go Tony Riggs for his successful solo! Tony flew N2774J (aka Miss Juliet) and is training with Captain G. Great job Tony!