Student Pilots

Shadi’s Splendid Solo

Saturday April 27th Shadi Absi took to the sky and completed his solo on N8308L. Shadi is being instructed by Zack. It was definitely
eventful with a closed run away, still he didn’t let that stop him and he pulled it off! Way to go Shadi!!!

Jorge Solo!

Kudos goes out to Jorge Huerta for completing his 1st initial solo. It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon here at US Aviators and great weather for a solo. Jorge has worked with Guillermo, Zack, and Saad. We are all very proud of Jorge and excited to see him accomplish more goals very soon!

Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend Flavor Flav!

Happy Birthday Flavor Flav!!!!

Stephanie’s Super Checkride

Hooray for Stephanie!!! Stephanie Galan took her check ride this lovely Thursday afternoon with Mark Boss. We are so proud of our youngest Pink Pilot Certificate Holder!!! That’s right this young lady has earned her wings. Stephanie likes flying N8308L, so if you this blue bird in the sky please feel free to wave it may be Stephanie. We are so proud of you Stephanie. Stephanie is truly a member of the US Aviators family!


Sruli’s Checkride

A BIG congratulations goes out to Sruli Slodowitz who passed his private pilot checkride. Sruli has been a student at US Aviators for several years now (flying since he was 15 years old) and we were all super excited to witness Sruli accomplish his goal. Sruli turned 17 last Sunday which made him eligible for his private pilot! Sruli is a part of the US Aviators family and we are all very proud of him.

Stephanie’s Wonderful Written

Kudos goes out to Stephanie Galan for successfully passing her written. Stephanie is preparing for her private pilot certificate and took her written Monday January 21st. Way to go girl!!! Can’t wait to celebrate her private pilot check-ride, which I’m sure isn’t too far away. 


Join the BEST flight club in Van Nuys the Pink Lady Pilot, where PIC stands for Pink Pilot In Command!!! The Pink Lady Pilots is an all girl flight club based out of US Aviators Flight School. If you like to fly, have fun, and make new friends this could be the club for you. There are no fees or requirements. The only requirement is to have fun.

Sam’s Earns His Ticket!!!

Samuel Shaw passed his checkride and earned his private pilot this past Monday! Sam has been training with Captain G out of N2774J aka Miss Juliet. Sam will be starting his Instrument training soon. We are excited to see Sam’s progression to a successful career as a pilot. From here on out the sky’s the limit! Yay Sam!!!

Tony Tiger Earns His Stripes!

Kudos goes out to Tony Goldberg for passing his private pilot checkride. Tony is a natural aviator. We are looking forward to many more successful passes for Tony. Tony is on his way to a career in aviation.  Tony is took his ride with Piper N8308L and trained with Captain G! Way to go Tony!!!!!!!!!!

Aviator Larry!

Way to go Larry Wong who successfully passed his private pilot checkride! Larry had been training with Captain G out of Miss Juliet aka N2774J. After hard work, lots of studying, and great flying Larry has earned his ticket (and his tail feathers). We are so very proud of Larry and his first accomplishment of many more to come! Yay Larry!!!