Chris’ Instrument Checkride!

Congratulations to Christopher Maffei who passed his Instrument check ride with Mr. Mark Boss on Monday August 13th. Kudos Chris to a job well done!

Larry Wong’s Wonderful Solo

Congratulations Larry for his outstanding Solo!Larry is training with Captain G and we are happy to celebrate one of many successes in Larry’s flight career.

Sam Super Solo

Way to go Mr. Samuel Shaw on a fantastic first solo! Sam is training with Captain G. We look forward to Sam’s successful check ride soon! Congratulations Sam!

Larry’s Amazing Written Test

Way to go Larry Wong, who passed his private pilot written today! Larry has been studying very hard and it has paid off! Larry is one of Captain G’s student and on track toward his CFI.

Little Flyer!

Happy Sunday fellow Aviators!
Today we got the chance to take Niles up for his intro flight! Looks like he had a great time. Way to go Niles!

Captain Flavor Flav

Our good friend Flav stopped by US Aviators for his flight lesson yesterday, and I have to say he was a natural aviator. Great job holding altitude Flav!


Congratulations Peter Lynde who successfully passed his instrument check ride. Peter has been flying out of US Aviators and it wasn’t too long ago that we were celebrating his private pilot. We are all so very proud of Peter for all his hard work and continuous success. We look forward to celebrating Peter’s commercial check ride soon.

John’s Solo

Kudos goes out to John Downing who did his solo this Saturday June 2nd in N8308L. John has been training with Captain G. Good job guys!

Brandon’s Solo

Congratulation to Brandon Hart for a his first solo!
Brandon flew N2774J at Van Nuys. Brandon has been training with Captain G and his dad Steven Hart! We are so proud of him. This is the first of many successful accomplishments for Brandon in his path to a career pilot!

Mani’s Private Pilot Check Ride

Congratulation Mani Maddah who successfully passed his private pilot check ride. Mani passed his check ride this morning.
In his father’s words, “he is ready for his instrument, let’s go”.
Way to go Mani!