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Market Trends

The airline pilot shortage has created an immense demand for increased pilot training. The demand for pilots is forecasted to surge. Almost all airlines are currently hiring. This future trend is not predicted to change any time soon.

Airline pilot demand graph
Airline pilot retirement graph
  • American Eagle Hired 200 pilots in 2010 and announced that they will hire over 400 pilots in 2011.
  • Atlantic Southeast Airlines Interviewing and hiring pilots.
  • Air Wisconsin Interviewing and hiring pilots, plans to hire 16 FOs and upgrade 8 captains per month through June 2011.
  • Colgan Airlines Interviewing and hiring pilots, hired 150 pilots in 2010, FOs are being hired into the Q400.
  • CommutAir Interviewing and hiring pilots. New Minimums are 900tt/100me.
  • Compass Airlines Interviewing pilots and hiring into a pool for 2011 start.
  • Great Lakes Interviewing and hiring pilots.
  • ExpressJet Airlines Recalled all furloughed pilots, announced that they will hire 96 pilots beginning January 2011.
  • Pinnacle Airlines Interviewing and hiring pilots.
  • Republic Airways Interviewing and hiring pilots. 100 pilots this year.
  • SkyWest Airlines Interviewing and hiring pilots for First Officer positions.
  • Delta Airlines Recalled all furloughed pilots. Interviewing and hiring. Intends to hire 240 pilots.